Sunday, February 19, 2006


In my eternal quest to find out St. Vincent history, I surf the Internet in hopes of finding hitherto unknown bits of town history. It's hard-going when you're researching such a small - and dare I say it - obscure, town as St. Vincent is. But it's not impossible. It just takes a very persistent and stubborn person. Well, that describes me pretty well, so we should make great progress.

That said, I've been coming across small mentions of St. Vincent all over the place...
...Thomas HEARD was born about 1864. He died 14 Aug 1885 in St. Vincent, Minnesota.

...He had at least two brothers Adolf Bereznicki born in 1870 died in St. Paul, MN July 26, 1913. Adolf came into the US via Canada in May of 1895 through
St. Vincent, MN.

...James Wesley born 18 Jul 1881,
St. Vincent, Minnesota died 25 Apr 1961, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

...Several mentions of Sylvesters, Balderston, and Ashes from
St. Vincent

...Several interesting references to the "
St. Vincent line", meaning the railroad line built north to St. Vincent...