Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Trip to St. Vincent

Several years ago I saw a film called A Trip to Bountiful. Before I even saw the film, based on the trailer alone, I knew it would touch me deeply. I knew because it was about something I understood all too well - about how place can be so strong in your life, it is almost like a person, a close friend, memories all wrapped up in one.

A Trip to Bountiful tells the story of an old woman in ill health that feels a strong pull to see her hometown one more time before she dies. She succeeds after many obstacles, only to find that her town has greatly changed from what she remembers; it a ghost of what it once was, as she is herself. However, her memories are powerful, and the trip was worth the effort.

That's how I feel about this project about St. Vincent. My memories of my hometown are complex, vivid, and meaningful to me, and I hope they can be to others...