Monday, February 20, 2006

St. Vincent, and the Railroad

Click to see larger versionThe map* to the left here shows railroad lines into the St. Vincent area. I never thought too much about why the St. Vincent Junction was called that, other than assuming it was a nickname referring to the junction of the two highways, one branching off to the town of St. Vincent. I was mistaken, however; it was actually left over from the early days of the railroad in reference to the line going north to the border, and the junction off of it branching west into St. Vincent (and once planned - but never completed - to go across the river into Pembina...)

Growing up, I don't recall ever hearing of the towns Sultan and Grampian, but on this map, they are just a few miles from St. Vincent. I had heard of, and been by and through Orleans, just a ghost town even when I was growing up, but never those other two. I asked my Mom when visiting her last week about Sultan, and she said oh she knew about it. I asked why I never did, and she said there was no reason to, that it "never took off". From her comment, and this map showing both towns on a railroad line, I'm going to assume these two settlements had hopes to take off as towns due to the railroad, but for whatever reasons never did.

* The map is from the Great Northern Railroad archives, thanks to a railroad buff who shared it with me recently...