Monday, July 24, 2006

Featured in Home Paper

Patricia (Short) Lewis, Fargo, formerly of St. Vincent, has started a blog (online journal) about St. Vincent and surrounding areas. Take a peek at her blog as it features many interesting entries and photos. Trish is looking to collect history on the area, especially St. Vincent. If you have any information for Trish you may email her at . Or, contact me and I’ll provide her telephone number or mailing address.
In a recent issue of the Kittson County Enterprise, this website was featured in a new column on history of the Humboldt/St. Vincent/Pembina towns and their residents. The columnist is a daughter of a couple who I attended church with the entire time I was growing up. While we didn't know one another well then due to the age difference, I am happy to make her acquaintence now, as we have a lot in common in loving our home area and its history. Thanks, Heather, for the spotlight - it's always good to spread the word so we gather more readers and (hopefully) find out more of our common history...