Wednesday, May 09, 2007

1932 Humboldt Bank Robbery

From Mike Rustad:

I remember hearing of the Humboldt bank robbery for many years. My memory is that Clifford Easton was the teller locked in safe. Humboldt was perhaps best known in the banking community as one of the few banks to survive the Depression, though not for long. By the time I was growing up the former bank was turned into a restaurant run by Selmer and Selma Locken from the Lake Bronson area. Sandy Locken, their daughter, was a few years older but part of the gang of kids that played together in Humboldt. Humboldt was such a great place for kids as there were a number of families who had 5 or more children. The former bank building/restaurant and Mayme's store were favorite gathering places in the 1950s.
[From Kittson County Enterprise in 1932: Sheriff Pearson went to Noyes today to get John Badiuk, the second of the band of robbers who robbed the Humboldt State Bank last July. Badiuk has confessed to the charge and will be taken to Stillwater as soon as Judge Olson pronounces sentence upon him. Of the three robbers implicated, two have been apprehended...]