Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hallock Images

From the Minnesota Digital Library's Minnesota Reflections photograph database, comes these early images of Hallock...

Pony hitched to child's sled (toboggan?) Taken near Hallock, man is Dr. Muir.
Photograph Collection ca. 1890
Location no. HE2.9 r1
Negative no. 7205

July fourth parade, Hallock.
Photograph Collection 7/4/1894
Location no. MK6.9 HL r1
Negative no. 7202

Chippewas getting up a dance at Hallock.
Photographer: Hartvig Studio
Photograph Collection ca. 1895
Location no. E97.37 r17
Negative no. 88446

General view of Hallock.
Photograph Collection ca. 1905
Location no. MK6.9 HL r2
Negative no. 7210

Hallock School.
Photograph Collection, Postcard ca. 1909
Location no. MK6.9 HL r6

Courthouse, Hallock.
Photograph Collection, Postcard ca. 1910
Location no. MK6.9 HL r4
Negative no. 39055

Hallock Community Band.
Photograph Collection 1912-1915
Location no. N5.21 p60
Negative no. 11844