Saturday, July 12, 2008

Profile: Clara Fitzpatrick

Clara, in the middle, serving at a friend's wedding, Church of the Assumption, Pembina ND (1947)

She had a great sense of humor and was always jolly. My Aunt Pat and her used to laugh almost non-stop when together. She was also a fantastic cook. She ran a restaurant for a time in Pembina. She made all the meals and even baked all kinds of stuff and sold bakery items. Made the best raised donuts. Baked bread and sold it, pies, cakes, cookies etc. Plus raising 6 kids. How she did all that baking and cooked the restauant meals too is beyond me. Aunt Pat used to help her out a lot when there visiting. She would not ever give out a recipe though for her bakery items as she said every time she gave out a recipe it would fail for her next time she made it. So she would not give them out.

NOTE: Others in photo are - Harriet (Fitzpatrick) Short (my mother, to Clara's left), Rose Monet & Therese Roy... sure who 5th person is, nor which is Rose and which is Therese!