Monday, July 07, 2008

Young Artist Documents Early Area

View of the two company forts (fur trading companies, including Hudson Bay) on the level prairie at Pembina on the Red River, May 25, 1822 by Peter Rindisbacher (1806-1834).

I have seen other artistic renditions of the early fur trading posts on the Red and Pembina rivers (where Pembina and St. Vincent are today), but never such a well done one before. This perspective shows what is now considered south Pembina and Pembina proper (on the right), the Pembina River branching off the Red River in the foreground, dividing the two.

This is a sketch (also by Rindisbacher) of the interior of the HBC post at Pembina in the 1820's. It shows (from left to right) a Swiss wife, German man, Swiss husband with children, a Scottish Highlander, and a Metis man.

Another Rindisbacher painting show natives, possibly a Metis family, fishing on the Red River...