Sunday, August 08, 2010

Overlooked: St. Vincent Centennial

This is what to aim for, just less old-fashioned, pot-luck picnic
It recently dawned on me that I had no idea when St. Vincent officially became a town, versus a fur trading post, fort, or settlement. I contacted the Kittson County Historical Society for the answer, and asked if the town ever had a centennial celebration. They told me that "According to the 50th Anniversary edition of the Kittson County Enterprise it states that the village was organized April 16, 1881. I'm not sure if they ever had a celebration."

No one I've asked can recall a celebration. I was living in southern California at the time, and my parents were heading to retirement, but I'm pretty sure they would have mentioned it. My bet is, the centennial came and went and nothing happened. That's very sad considering the amazing history of my little hometown.

UPDATE: Since I started writing this post, I talked with one of the current town council members. While it's too late for St. Vincent's centennial, it will be the 130th anniversary in 2011.  They are willing to consider a community picnic, perhaps a potluck. Also mentioned was contacting the Brethren and including them early on in the planning, giving them the option of being involved as much or as little as they wish. I think that's a good idea, a very good idea. They have long been a big part of our community and to ignore them would be wrong.

Also, for anyone interested in finding out more about the developing plans for a St. Vincent celebration, there is a Facebook page - St. Vincent 130th Celebration