Sunday, June 17, 2012

Profile: A.H. Anderson

Who was is the man who photographed the 1897 Red River flood in St. Vincent?  The man who took the famous "High Water" photograph?

His name was Andrew H. Anderson.

He was a farmer who happened to have an eye for photography.  He apprenticed in Fergus Falls, Fosston, and Grand Forks before he began a photography business in Hallock in the1890s.  He eventually sold his interest in his photography business to then partner William Hartvig so he could focus on farming.  But he returned to photography when he bought the studio of G. G. Shaker in Hallock in 1936.  Born in 1867, he lived a long life in our area, passing away in 1960.  He chronicled many events and families in Kittson County!