Friday, April 21, 2006

Gamble Letter #11

Maggie Neil, family friend - taken in her later years, in Beaverton, Ontario
Sending along scraps or samples of material used in a dress, along with letters, was a way of staying in touch and keeping close; sometimes, the recipients would take the scraps and incorporate it into a quilt or other object as a reminder of a loved one far away...
St. Vincent

My Dear Maggie I now sit down to write these few lines as this leaves us all well at present we are going to School we got a new teacher to day She is from Ontario her name is Hilda Sing Sammy is growing a big boy Alick is running the steam pump yet and papa is watching at the station there was seven hundred and fifty emagrants on Sundy all principaly from the township of cavan and carturite Alick seen singer Robinsons son and a good many more that he knew they think this a good Country we had a lovely winter the sleying is nearly done we send yous a paper Alice sends you a necktie they are sending you a piece of their dresses the greay is Ellen & Janeys the Brown is lizzies the Black is my own Altho we dont write often we think about yous often enugh when we see a passenger train we be lonesom about yous we had a letter from Scotland last week and young Joe ditcher is on the Road out here dont be long in writing

Mary Ann Ellen Janey Lizzie Alice Gamble