Friday, April 28, 2006

Gamble Letter #13

Alexander Gamble's claim (Source:  BLM Archives)On your left is an image of the actual land claim for Alexander Gamble, recently found at the BLM Archives.

I have also located a fascinating article that mentions the fires alluded to by Emily Gamble in her letter below. The article, about halfway down this page, entitled Yellow Tuesday, tells of the effects of horrific forest fires in Canada, in September 1881...

St. Vincent Minn
Sep 14, 1881

My dear Maggie We received your letter and was glad to hear that yous Were all Well as this leaves us at present I would have rote before but I was waiting to the show would come of it was Monday the 5, We had a good time I saw a boy in the show Weighing over 540 lbs and a Wild bush girl she was found running Wild on the sandy Plains of Austrilia, and a horse with 8 feet There was a hotel burnt down in Emerson and a man burnt to death We had confirmation every Tuesday Lizzie and Jane and I got confirmed the bishop was from St. Paul his name is Bishop Whipple. There is no sunday school for a few sundays. We have not been to school for a Week or two. I was put in history I like it very well. Alice is getting on Pretty Well and so is Willie Alick thinks himself quite a man he bought a mare and two colts. he bought a Pair of duck. the book mark was very nice we see by the newspapers there is dreadful fires in Canada it was Very cold this morning. Pa got a paper from Dundee - Sammy is drawing an old pair of shoes across the floor Willie is hurding the cattle Alick is Pumping We have three Pigs Lizzie is going to St. Vincent this morning. I will send you some flour seeds I dont know the name of them I will Write a longer letter the next time so good by for the present Ellen Gamble
Write soon dont forget