Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Gamble Letter #6

There is a gap of some months, and now the letters pick up again in 1879...
April 28

Dear father and Mother we just got your letter last night since we moved our letters is going astray you must send them to St. Vincent Minnesota we were happy to hear that yous were all well there is nothing particular here Minnesota is in the united states Cawen that kept a tavern in Beaverton lives about a mile and a half from us and Charlie Robinsian about too miles emerson is about 2 miles from us we can see it out of our door supposing the river that runs through Beverton was red river where Hamiltons & McKinnans is that is the villige of Pembina in decata terratory well oer the river where Gordon's house and McCaskells is the town of st Vincent and where Frank Thompsons busy is that is our land hunred and sixty ackers emerson is as big as Cannington & Beaverton put together pembina as big as Beaverton saint vincents only growing there is three taverns one store post office land office and all the railway buildings every one is telling us we are rich and we dont know it they be telling us our place is worth 5 thousand dollers there is rich men from saint Pauls to start Business here every one thinks it will beat emerson they say there is fish in the lake there is thousands of wild ducks on it we have a boat on it when they shoot ducks they can get them we have penty of wood on our place we could gather hundreds of bushels of hazel nuts there is hundreds of plumbs trees all over our place Alick is working every day at one doller and half a day the track is as far from our house as McCaskels is from you the children goes every day to emerson school I think I have told you all write soon and let us know when you are coming so as we will have a place taken up for you there is good places yet

Mary Ann Gamble