Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Preview of Things to Come

Recently, I was able to track down a significant portion of the Pembina Museum Collection at the State Historical Society of North Dakota. This particular portion is 9 linear feet of manuscripts, which are not usually loaned out. Normally you would have to travel to Bismarck to see them at the Society itself. However, I have the fortune of living in Fargo, where the Institute for Regional Studies is located, and they have a reciprical loan agreement with the State Historical Society.

I put in a request for the collection, and it will be arriving in Fargo in early May. The loan is for a 3-month period, so you can guess what I'll be doing over the summer. Some people like to get outside during the warm summer months; but this summer, I will be in heaven pouring over old records in a stuffy library.

I will be sharing the fruits of my labors here, as soon as possible...As always, stay tuned!