Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Who WAS "Charley Brown"?

The name shown here belongs to someone who lived, served, and died in old Pembina. His name is familiar to some of you through this blog - Charley Brown.

Who was Charley Brown?

According to Chuck Walker, author of "Sheriff Charley Brown," he "...originally joined the Confederate Army and his Grandfather (Admiral Boarman – Union Navy) and his Father - a Sheriff at the time - applied pressure and got him returned home by a Southern Sheriff. He then ran away again and joined the Union Army...Guess he was a wild kid and wanted excitement." By the time he arrived in Dakota Territory, Charley had seen his share of life, and was more settled down. He didn't get to live as long as he might have; from what I understand from Chuck, Charley fell ill and passed away before his time, not that long after the events chronicled in the Sheriff Charley Brown saga...

By the way, Admiral Boarman was Chuck's great grandfather!