Sunday, October 28, 2007

A House in Noyes

There is a house in Noyes (I think it is still there...) that a good friend and her family used to live in. They weren't the first family to live there, nor probably the last. But this story isn't about the residents; it's about the house itself.

The house was two full storeys plus a full attic with dormers, large enough to serve as another bedroom or a study. It was spacious and well laid out. It was a shock when I found out it was a prefabricated home...and that it was made by Sears!

Prefabricated homes have never been widely popular due to many reasons, but this example made a positive impression on me. I spent many days there, riding my horse from St. Vincent over to Noyes to visit my friend during summer days in 1975/1976.