Sunday, October 21, 2007

Profile: Dr. Anthony S. Berlin

Anthony Berlin was the only child of Theresa and Nicolas Berlin, born in Chicago in 1907. His parents came to this country from Italy at a very young age. The family name was Berlingieri, but his father changed it to Berlin.

When Tony was three years old, his parents moved to St Paul, Minnesota. He grew to manhood there. He was active in sports and during one of his games, he sustained an injury to his leg. He developed Osteomyelitis and was hospitalized for many weeks. His Doctor brought him gifts and gave him encouragement and he was so impressed that he decided to become a Doctor when he grew up.

He attended the University of Minnesota and received his degree from there. After completing his Internship, he planned to go into a Specialty, but his Father became ill at this time so he changed his plans and proceeded to look for a place to practice. About this time, Dr. Joseph Stratte was looking for a young Doctor to assist him in Hallock. He convinced Tony that Hallock was the place to go. On a winter day in 1936, Tony arrived in Hallock on the train. Dr. Anthony Berlin served at the Kittson Memorial Hospital from (1936-1956)

In 1940 he married Mildred Finney who was employed by the Northwest Bank. They had three children, John Nicholas, Mary Susan and James Anthony.

In 1956, due to failing health, the family moved to Anaheim, California where Tony practiced until he passed away on Dec. 7, 1973. It was reported that he died from Rabies contracted from a patient.

Written by his wife Mildred Berlin for "Our Northwest Corner" Histories of Kittson County, Minnesota 1979

NOTE: Mildred's mother was my great aunt Mary Margaret Fitzpatrick, who married into the Finney family...yes, it does sometimes seem like I'm related to everyone in Kittson County! My Mom used to joke about that...