Thursday, October 11, 2007

Profile: Enos Stutsman

Enos Stutsman - a Pembina pioneer - was one of those characters that people told tales about. Some of them were tall tales, but many of them were true...

He was friends with another major pioneer of Pembina, Charles Cavileer. His physical challenges did little to slow him down. In fact, most who knew him said they didn't really think about him as a "cripple", because his words and actions made more of an impression than his disability did.

Attorney of the Frontier, Stutsman practiced law, participated in politics, took a turn at journalism during the Metis Rebellion...not to mention dabbling in land speculation both as an agent and as a savvy investor.

To say Enos Stutsman was a colorful figure in our area's tapestry of individuals, is not an overstatement.

From Strange Empire: A Narrative of the Northwest By Joseph Kinsey Howard