Saturday, December 30, 2006

News from the Past III

Act of God
TIME Magazine
Published Monday, Mar. 24, 1941

A sudden, mighty 70-mile-an-hour March wind roared across the prairies of the Northwest one night last week. It swept cars from the highway, sent drivers, blinded by snow and dust, blundering into ditches. In Fargo, N. Dak. the temperature dropped 14° in 15 minutes.

Herman Treichel abandoned his car, led his wife and two children to their home. Near exhaustion from bucking the breathtaking wind, he fought his way back to the car and lifted out his six-year-old son. When Treichel got him home, the child was frozen to death.

A Northern Pacific locomotive groped into Pembina, N. Dak. The crew discovered they had struck Mike Howry's daughter, had been dragging her body along on the pilot. Searchers found the frozen body of the girl's sister near Mike's home.

The storm's toll: at least 68 dead.