Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gamble Letter #38

We're getting towards the end of the letters, only a few left. For whatever reason, a few of the last letters that were transcribed (I have not seen the originals...) have portions missing. I'm not sure if the lines were literally missing, or were in such poor condition they were unreadable. Only a comparison with the originals would clarify this.

The letter in this post is one such letter...
St. Vincent, Minn.
April 30, 1896

Dear Maggie,

We received your welcome letter alwright. I am very sorry I neglected answering your last letter. I know you would think it mean of me, but I do be very busy, and sometimes I forget all about it.

I expect you will think the farmers out here are busily engaged seeding, but seeding is impossible, it has rained for three or four days in a steady down pour. There has only been two bright days since the snow has gone. The farmers think they cannot sow any wheat this year. This has been the wettest spring since we came here. I do not be talking to Rieta Lapp very often, she goes to school, and they do not visit but, I will ask her next time I see her. Her father is very strict with her, he will not let her out her hair in front, or go many places but he thinks the world of her. I tell you that about her hair, so you will have an idea how he is bringing her up. I think Liza is the best woman I ever knew.

Lizzie was down on Sunday if she came every day we would consider it a great event. The babies are well. I could never find words to describe Margie and the baby, the baby especially. Lizzie calls baby "Little Blossom". I do be trying to get Lizzie to have their pictures taken, but it is very hard for her to get out with the two of them.

[16 lines missing]

I have finished a petticoat for myself, it took 7 1/2 spools to make. The lace on it is a diamond pattern very pretty crotcheted. I can not knit very well. I am

[16 lines missing]