Monday, December 04, 2006

Quonset Hut

Photo by Andy Filer - note the town fire hall bell near the entrance
Frank Gehry once said, "The only time we notice buildings is when they are being built and when they are falling down."

Today, the few
Quonset huts that remain in use still serve as stores, restaurants, homes, and churches, but they are distinct icons of the past.

My hypothesis about the St. Vincent Quonset hut is that it was probably received shortly after WWII...the town could have received one free or at low cost due to war surplus leftovers. Photos of the 1950 flood do NOT show it, however, so it was definitely after that, that it was built.

For small town it could be an amazing resource. In St. Vincent's case, it was exactly that. Over the years it has served as a fair exhibition building, flood headquarters for the local volunteers and the Red Cross, a post office, and a senior citizen's center/community hall.