Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Old St. Vincent Fair

A bountiful display of fair exhibits in Reid Hall (town hall)
The photo above is a result of a query that was published in a column this week. It was sent to me today by a resident of our area, who said in his accompanying email...
Hi Trish: Just noticed in today's Kittson County Enterprise you were seeking photos of the St. Vincent Fair. My grandfather William S. Ash was a director of the St. Vincent Fair board I believe at one time. Among his photo albums was this photo. I can only remember as a kid being in the old St. Vincent Fair building once when the fair building was just west of the old grocery store or near the jail building to the best of my memory before they built the new fair building which is still standing in St. Vincent today. If I remember this photo is what I remember of the old fair building now gone. The back of the photo says "St. Vincent Fair" There isn't a date on the photo so your guess is as good as mine. William G. Ash